organic honey TasmaniaMiellerie Honey Tasmania

Miellerie means "the house of honey" in French. This honey is produced by Yves Ginat, a Frenchman now living in Tasmania. Yves began keeping bees as a young boy in France. He has brought his techniques with him, and says of his honey, "it is a subtle marriage of French tradition and Tasmanian flowers."

Miellerie honey is unprocessed and unheated, thus maintaining the honey's optimum natural aroma, health qualities, and characteristic crystals. Each of the honeys in the Miellerie range are crystallised, with a smooth, velvety texture that melts in your mouth!

Leatherwood honey - Lake Pedder’s Nectar - Prickly Box honey

Leatherwood honeyLAke PEdder honeyPrickly Box honey
Blue Gum honey
Tea Tree honeyKunzea honey

Blue Gum honey - Tea Tree (Manuka) - Wine Glass of Honey (Kunzea)