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Miellerie Honey is a subtle marriage of French tradition and Tasmanian native flowers. Miellerie (Honey House in French) is a team; managed and philosophically organised by the apiarist, Yves Ginat.

Our approach in the art of keeping bees is based on biodynamic principles (including essential oils and herbal remedies) to harness the vitality of the bee’s colony. The honey is extracted at room temperature and packaged at bee hive temperature, thereby maintaining the optimum natural aroma and health qualities and our characteristic crystals. Miellerie is currently producing 5 varieties of honey.

Miellerie endeavours to explore the Tasmanian landscape and wilderness for endemic floral diversity. We thank the Earth and cosmos for providing gourmet nectars and the bees for their honey.

Kind regards,
Yves Ginat & the Miellerie Team